What you need to know about Beach Bonfires

Beach Bonfires by Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires

Thinking about a good way to relax on the beach with family and friends?
Are you planning a birthday party, or a rehearsal dinner for a wedding?
Having a hard time coming up with something that truly is for everyone?
Why not a beach bonfire!

You may be asking yourself what is really entailed in having a bonfire on
the beach. Well, we’ll tell you pretty much everything you need to
know right here.

First: You have to have the permit. Permits are issued by the South Walton Fire Department.
We pull the permit for you. You must specify exactly which beach access you are using when we pull the permit.
If you’re unsure where is best to have your fire, we’ll be glad to help you decide. Also,
the permit has to be on site at all times, and the fire can never be left
unattended. Oh, and keep a check on the weather before you get your
permit, permit fee is nonrefundable.

Second: It has to be a public beach access, unless you have
written permission from the property owner. We can do them at
any public beach access requested, but due to the nature of the labor
involved (hiking everything up and down the beach and stairs), we prefer to do them
at accesses that are handicapped accessible, so we can roll
everything down to and from the beach on carts.

Third: The fire must be contained in some sort of […]

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South Walton Beach Bonfires

Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com is your complete, full service private beach bonfire provider for the South Walton County, FL area. Private beach bonfires are a wonderful way to relax, watch the sunset on the beach, and enjoy time with friends and family. They make great events for special occasions such as, birthdays, weddings, and family reunions.

Our South Walton Beach Bonfires for 10 people includes the burn permit, fire pit, 4 hours worth of wood, canvas and wood chairs for each guest, tiki torches, and two of our staff present at all times to help tend the fire. We also offer a hot dogs & s’mores package that includes 3 hotdogs and buns per person, ketchup, mustard, mayo, the makings for at least two s’mores per person, the roasting sticks, paper plates, and napkins. Our packages start at 10 people, and we can accommodate as many people as you like.

We set up at any public beach access in Walton County as close to your vacation rental as possible. The fire would be lit and ready for your group 30 minutes before sunset, and would be extinguished 4 hours later. If your not ready to go, just let your Beach Guy know you’d like to stay a little longer and we’ll always accommodate you. Our staff will set everything up, and take everything away. No mess, no fuss, just fun!

Word of mouth is the best advertising we can get, so our goal at every 30A Beach Bonfire is to make sure our customers have the best time possible, we hope every customer will give us the highest recommendations possible.

Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com          30A’s best beach bonfire service.

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30A Beach Bonfires by Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires

Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com

perfecting 30A Beach Bonfires.
Our Motto,
No Party Too Big & No Party Too Small,
Whether you want 2 chairs and a fire for a romantic evening with your significant other, perfect for memorable events such as proposals or anniversaries 😉
or for no reason at all, because she’s worth it.
Or if you want a huge gathering with multiple fire pits and and chairs to accommodate large numbers,
Perfect for receptions, birthday parties, or just to have a good evening making memories with friends and family.
No Party is Too Small  &  No Party is Too Big
Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com
to make sure everything is perfect.
We always try to light our fires 30 minutes before sunset to allow for some breathtaking sunset pictures,  As the sun disappears beyond the horizon we light the tiki torches to give off that perfect low light glow around the perimeter. With the serene sound of waves lapping on the beach just feet away.  The Beach Bonfire atmosphere is perfect for all occasions, whether your looking for that perfect romantic night or just good old fashion family fun and bonding, give us a call, we guarantee your 30A Beach Bonfire by Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com will be a highlight of your vacation.
With awesome add-ons like Hot Dogs & S’mores,
or for Fine Dining ask us about a Low Country Seafood Boil.
The Low Country Boils are amazing!
We understand Your the one who is on vacation, if you have any special requests just ask, we’ll make it happen.
Here at Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires we understand you have a choice and we work hard to earn your business, In our line of work, word of mouth is the best advertising we can get, which […]

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30A Songwriters Festival

Can you think of any better way to spend an evening relaxing with friends and family during the 30A songwriters festival weekend, than on the beach with a private bonfire? Possibly with a singer/songwriter friend or family member that plays music, for your own private, acoustic concert! The sunsets all along scenic & historic Highway 30A, in South Walton County combined with the pristine white sand on the beaches makes for a beautiful photo opportunity with family and friends.
Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com is the premiere provider for private beach bonfire services. Bonfire setup starts at $450.00, and that gets you a Walton County burn permit, a 40” metal fire pit, four hours burn time of wood, up to 10 canvas & wood professional grade beach chairs, Tiki torches interspersed among the chairs, full set up, full cleanup, and two attendants to maintain your bonfire. The sky is the limit from there.
Not only is a private beach bonfire an ideal way to have an intimate family gathering, but it is also a great way to celebrate a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party, or even a wedding! A private beach bonfire combined with a Low Country Seafood Boil is a great way to celebrate any event. And for the more relaxed feel, a Hot Dog & S’mores roast is a great way to go as well.
There are so many options available, and you can totally customize your bonfire to the size of your group, and your budget.  With so many places along the coast from Dune Allen Beach, Ed Walline Beach, and Blue Mountain Beach, to Grayton Beach, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, and Inlet Beach, there […]

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30A Beach Bonfires by Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com

Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires .com is your premier Bonfire service in Walton County for 30A Beach Bonfires, No Party is too small, and no party is too big.  We offer full service Low Country Seafood Boil, Hot Dog and S’mores package,  4 hours of wood, giant 40″ metal fire pit,  Tiki torches give off a relaxing glow around the perimeter. And best of all, we handle everything, we pull the permits, set up everything, and clean up everything at the end of the night.   We strictly enforce a leave no trace policy, meaning we even rake the area when we’re done to make sure not one single piece of trash is left behind.

We try to light our bonfires 30 minutes before sunset to give your group the opportunity to get some great sunset pictures,  But we are on your time,  Its your vacation, you tell us when you want it, we always work around our customers schedules, we know vacations can get hectic.  Let us help you relax and enjoy it.  You’ll find our team of Beach Guys at Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires are willing to help in any way we can.

If your not sure where the best place to have your bonfire is, call us, we’ll be glad to help you iron out the details.

If you opt to try the Low Country Seafood Boil, our beach guys are incredibly skilled at perfecting the mix and timing to make sure it comes out perfect every time.  Your fine dining experience on the beach will exceed all of your expectations.


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