Walton County Beach Accesses


In order from East to West


lf possible please try to pick an easily accessible beach near you.  If there is not one close enough we can still do a bonfire at any of the public beach accesses listed.


Beach Bonfire

Inlet Beach Access (Easily Accessible)

Phillips Inlet Beach Access

Wall Street Access

Winston Lane Access

Seacrest Dr Access

Seabreeze Access

Gulf Lakes Access

Walton Dunes Access (Easily Accessible)

Sugar Dunes Access

Port Property Access

Eastern Lake Access

Ramsgate Access

One Seagrove Place Access (Easily Accessible)

Beachwood Villas Access

Campbell Street Access

Pelayo Access

Montigo Avenue Access

Santa Clara Access

San Juan Access

Dothan Avenue Access

Andalusia Access

Greenwood Access

Headland Avenue Access

Gardenia Access

Azalea/Camelia Access

Holly Access

Scenic 395 Access

Nightcap Street ACcess

Live Oak Access

Hickory Access

Dogwood/Thyme Access

Van Ness Butler Access  (easily accessible)

Grayton Dunes Access (easily accessible)

Rays Multi Mountain Access (easily accessible)

Blue Lake Road Access

Seagrade Road Access

Gulf Point Road Access

Blue Mountain Access

Gulfview Heights Access

Spooky Lane Access

Shellseekers Access

Ed Walline Access (easily accessible)

Palms of Dune Allen East Access

Palms of Dune Allen West Access

Lake Causeway Access

West Allen Loop Access

Dune Allen Access (easily accessible)

Bullard Road Access

Stallworth Preserve Access

Beach Highlands Access

Sand Trap Road Access

Open Gulf Street Access

Norwood Drive Access

Geronimo Street Access

Miramar Beach Access

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