Beach Bonfires by Santa Rosa Beach Bonfires

Thinking about a good way to relax on the beach with family and friends?
Are you planning a birthday party, or a rehearsal dinner for a wedding?
Having a hard time coming up with something that truly is for everyone?
Why not a beach bonfire!

You may be asking yourself what is really entailed in having a bonfire on
the beach. Well, we’ll tell you pretty much everything you need to
know right here.

First: You have to have the permit. Permits are issued by the South Walton Fire Department.
We pull the permit for you. You must specify exactly which beach access you are using when we pull the permit.
If you’re unsure where is best to have your fire, we’ll be glad to help you decide. Also,
the permit has to be on site at all times, and the fire can never be left
unattended. Oh, and keep a check on the weather before you get your
permit, permit fee is nonrefundable.

Second: It has to be a public beach access, unless you have
written permission from the property owner. We can do them at
any public beach access requested, but due to the nature of the labor
involved (hiking everything up and down the beach and stairs), we prefer to do them
at accesses that are handicapped accessible, so we can roll
everything down to and from the beach on carts.

Third: The fire must be contained in some sort of metal container,
preferably elevated off of the sand.

Fourth: You can’t have the fire too close to anything.
Fires have to be at least 100 feet from structures and
50 feet away from vegetation. And you should keep a container of water
handy for extinguishing your fire, and when you are done with your fire,
you must take all the ashes and your burn pit off the beach. Burying the
ashes is not allowed! A leave No Trace Policy is strictly enforced,
So join us and keep our beaches beautiful.

Lastly: HAVE FUN! Kick back, relax, and enjoy your fire. Cook some
Hot Dogs and S’mores, or have it catered with a Low Country Boil.
Either way, there is no better way to spend an evening on 30A at the

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